How to make Lottie Animations play nicely in SwiftUI… or so.

Animations are part of every App’s user experience. The Zcash ECC Wallet is no exception. Don’t get me wrong, SwiftUI is a really powerful tool to make animations. But let’s face the music, if you are not a specialist, you are far better off with tools that do all the heavy lifting for you.

First Step: Googling….

I didn’t get much back then in the early 2020, and honestly did not get much before posting this article either. There’s some basic approach which I ended up starting back then in this article

SwiftUI Logo

So, you need to close that viewHierarchy and don’t know how to begin… I’ve been there. There are a lot of hacks around it. I’ll share what I find most swifty of all.

If you haven't, please take a look at this WWDC session: “Data Flow Through SwiftUI”.

This workaround is completely based on the concepts explained on it.

The Idea

implementing a close button on the right navigation bar that dismisses the whole navigation flow.

Environment Object to the rescue

an environment object is just data that’s outside view’s and that can modify their state.

final class NavigationFlowObject: ObservableObject {…

The (not so) good, the bad and the ugly

Let’s say that you are asked to do a Dark Background and a transparent navigation bar with white buttons and title.

SwiftUI comes packed with new features, a renewed air of simplicity and huge productivity boosts for developers. Yet, it still falls short on some aspects and to be fair, in most of the cases, UIKit had the same or similar pains.

It comes a time in a developer’s life when your next App’s design is both astonishing and nothing like the out-of-the-box components. …

YAY! It’s finally here!

Don’t get me wrong. I love Cocoapods. But it’s time to move on, for the times they are a-changin’

Apple Announced Xcode support for Swift Package Manager (SPM) on Xcode 11. However it’s undeniable that the vast majority of iOS’s rich Open Source dependencies are distributed through other dependency managers like Cocoapods or Carthage rather than the now “official” SPM.

Although this gist shows us that it is still possible to combine them, I find that inconvenient since it feels somewhat redundant.

To keep this really down to earth, we are going to use a tiny Pod of mine: NotificationBubbles.

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